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Who is this product for?

When going on vacation, nobody wants to think about bad scenarios, but it is enough to ask among friends that accidents can happen. Most of these events are able to spoil our mood and some of them even the whole trip. As the name suggests, this product is intended to protect unforeseen expenses during travel. Travel insurance is characterized by a very wide range of events covered by the policy, from the most trivial to the holiday's cancellations.

Regardless of how often you go on holiday and for what period, you will find the right product for yourself. Prices start from € 78.81 for the whole family with two children for one year cover in Europe.

What it covers?

  • Costs of medical treatment abroad
  • Lost or damaged luggage
  • Theft / loss of money or documents
  • Winter sports and other specified in the policy
  • and much more

The policy has three different variants, depending on your needs:

All-year-round insurance

This is the best solution for those who travel several times a year due to the unlimited number of trips within 12 months and the extremely low price. The maximum single stay abroad is 60 days. All-year tourist insurance in the "family" option will protect children for free.

Single trip

This is travel insurance for one trip. It is the cheapest form of travel insurance for standard holidays or weekends abroad. The best insurance for those who do not leave Ireland more than once a year.


This type of travel insurance is best suited for a longer trip abroad (eg. for studies, for seasonal or recreational work or backpacking). The policy covers over 50 different sports and seasonal jobs. The maximum length of long travel insurance is 24 months.

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The information contained herein is general guidance and although prepared with particular care, RightOne Ltd assumes no responsibility for any inaccuracies or exclusions. The document serves only illustrative purposes and does not formulate the terms of the contract or any part of it. The customer should refer to the terms of the policy in order to make a final decision. Information contained in this document to the best of our knowledge. Valid as of September 10, 2018.